One of the hardest repairs to diagnose is a leak under the hood. With so many different coolants and fluids helping power your vehicle, it can be difficult to find the source if you do not know what fluid is leaking. In any car one of the easiest to spot and consequently most urgent problems is if you are experiencing an oil leak. A loss of oil makes the components of your engine work harder and grind more to continue powering your car and if you lose enough oil, it can permanently damage your engine and other parts under the hood. For BMW drivers, it is important to know the service schedule designed for your model as routine inspections and tune-ups can help you determine if there is an oil leak but that is only half the battle.






If your BMW has an oil leak, it is critical that you seek the help of the professionals at BMM Power. When it comes to finding and repairing oil leaks in BMWs, our experts know all the signs to look for and the best ways to repair them before it is too late. BMWs are known for requiring specific oil and filters so before you make a trip to the local parts store, consider letting our friendly staff help you get the most out of your maintenance appointment. We use factory level fluids so after your oil leak is repaired, your car will receive the same high-grade oil that it would at the dealership, ensuring that your engine is properly lubricated and can continue to function at the high level you expect.

We have offered standout service and repair work for BMW oil leaks and repairs. Our top-notch staff have the experience and knowledge needed to repair any oil leak in your BMW but also to restore it to proper working condition with the right supplies and equipment. Don’t put off service any longer, if you notice an oil leak on your BMW or believe there to be a leak of some sort, visit us today and help prevent a larger issue later on.