No vehicle comes with a higher standard throughout its’ lifespan than a BMW. Meticulously designed and manufactured, when a drivers decides to take the plunge and get a BMW, they know it is less of a vehicle to get from A to B and more of a commitment to a comfortable and smooth driving experience. To help preserve this experience, the routine maintenance appointments your vehicle receives are a critical part of owning a BMW, meaning it is important that you take your car to a service center that you can trust.






For years, BMM Power’s Independent BMW has offered high quality BMW maintenance to drivers of all models of BMW, our experts have made keeping your car well maintained as easy and convenient as possible. With an intimate knowledge of each BMW’s custom designed maintenance schedule, we pride ourselves on offering BMW maintenance at the same or higher quality that you would find going directly to the dealership.

At BMM Power’s Independent BMW, we utilize the same BMW factory level diagnostic tools, equipment and parts, even down to the lubricants and fluids, so your BMW gets the maintenance it needs while being held to the same high standard that the manufacturer designed it to. Our experts are also well-versed in the interior technology that is constantly evolving in BMW’s so if it is a system update or a computer issue that you are experiencing, we can take care of ordering any replacement parts and fixing the issue in no time. While taking your car directly to the dealership for maintenance can become quite costly, at BMM Power’s Independent BMW we offer BMW service at a more affordable price point, so that you no longer have to put off your vehicle’s important needs or maintenance appointments.

Located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, BMM Power’s Independent BMW performs high-quality BMW maintenance, so no matter where you are located within Gauteng, there is an affordable, trusted BMW maintenance expert just a phone call away.

Before making another expensive trip to the dealership, call the experts at BMM Power’s Independent BMW and schedule an appointment for any BMW maintenance needs that you may have and see what a difference years of experience, training and passion can have when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.