Nothing can cramp your style more or ruin a drive faster than loud, squeaky brakes each time you put your foot on the pedal. A variety of different sounds can signal multiple issues ranging from metal on metal grinding to a more wailing sound that suggests there is a severe issue that needs to be addressed. When you drive a BMW, the braking system is crucial to the smooth rides and stops that they are known for, so making sure that you get the proper brake service your car needs is vital.









Rather than take your car to the dealerships or receive suspect work on your car, if your BMW is in need of brake service, bring it in to BMM Power. For years BMM Power has performed brake service and other additional maintenance on all models of BMW, specializing in making sure that your car continues to deliver “the Ultimate Driving Experience.”

Our experts at BMM Power Independent BMW know what makes BMW brake service different from other vehicles and by using the proper BMW factory tools and fluids to get the job done your car receives dealership quality work at a more affordable price.

BMW is known for offering vehicles with different types of braking systems depending on the needs and design of the car and now BMW is even offering cars with assisted braking, helping to reduce the chances of accidents and keeping drivers safer. While all of these advances are cutting edge and will help make the roads safer to navigate, this means BMW brake service of any kind is best left to the professionals.

For drivers in Gauteng those professionals are the mechanics at BMM Power Independent BMW repairers Since 2013 we have been the area’s BMW brake service headquarters and with quick, accurate work and more affordable pricing than the competition, it is easy to see why.

If your BMW needs any brake service ranging from a brake pad or fluid change to more substantial repairs to various components, call BMM Power Independent BMW today to speak with one of our experts. You count on your BMW to offer smooth, safe rides each time you get behind the wheel and at BMM Power Independent BMW, we make sure it stays that way.